Educational Websites

We highly recommend that parents follow the instructions to Switch On Safety on their child's device.

Parklands students will be using Skoolbo - an award winning, game based, educational learning program to assist with curriculum learning. It will be monitored on a daily basis by classroom teachers and educational programs tailored to your child's needs will be set up.

Motec has set up a program of challenges for all Year 7 & 8 students in the area, and will be running online video classes with students to discuss plans and projects.

Younger students are also welcome to go on and try some of the simpler challenges.

Te Reo Maori Resources

Links to a bunch of websites that you may find helpful

Ki te Ao Marama - the Ministry Remote Learning site


Below is a selection of websites that can be used to reinforce your child’s learning and give them opportunities to explore further.

All students in rooms 1-6 have Parklands school email addresses. Teachers in the Senior Pod use Google Suite for learning activities in class and may have set up Google Classroom to communicate with students. Google Hangouts has now been enabled for students to keep in touch with their classmates.

You do need to consider having a healthy balance between online activities and other stuff. Check out the online safety parent toolkit.


Green Grubs Gardening Club - blog by teacher who is posting activities she is doing with her kids during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Teach Your Monster to Read - A phonics and reading game starting with matching letters and sounds through to reading sentences.

MindLab Kids - fun learning challenges, all of which are completely do-able at home.


Cosmic Kids Yoga

School Journals (Junior)

Storyline Online

Life Over C's - learning ideas and activities for young kids

STEM activities

Google "Home school sites"


Where possible, get your student to sign in with their Google Parklands email address (to make life easier)

MindLab Kids - fun learning challenges, all of which are completely do-able at home.

Twinkl - printable worksheets for kids



Khan Academy - has some good schedules for kids in quarantine and advice for parents how to run learning activities at home.

Maths Buddy


Sign ninja - learn sign language

Epic Reading

Prodigy Maths - learn coding through games